Bike Headlight Project

The Promo…

Wheel Mounted Bike Headlight, Prototype 4

It’s taken awhile to get to this point, finally have the project to a good enough point to show off what this headlight looks like!

Revolights, A revolution in bicycle lighting, now have light projected exactly [...]

I²C/I2C on a ATTiny45 (bit-banging)

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Meticilous breakout of accelerometer to breadboard

There are a few libraries out there for doing I²C (I2C) using the USI or TWI hardware for AVRs. Unfortunately documentation that explains exactly what is happening is hard to come by. There are a number of well done explanations [...]

Solar Powered Freezer

Through a group organized at Stanford’s Engineers for a Sustainable World (EWB) chapter our team just finished the first version of a solar powered freezer for the developing world that uses no electricity.

The system works through the Carbon-Methanol adsorption cycle, which uses sunlight during the day and low temperatures during the [...]