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The Promo…

Wheel Mounted Bike Headlight, Prototype 4, suspended

Wheel Mounted Bike Headlight, Prototype 4

It’s taken awhile to get to this point, finally have the project to a good enough point to show off what this headlight looks like!

Revolights, A revolution in bicycle lighting, now have light projected exactly where it is needed to see obstacles in front, while maintaining 360 degree visibility. Wheel mounted lighting capable of projecting forwards and backwards.

Mounted to each wheel are a pair of rings that have equally spaced LEDs. The rings calculate how fast the bike is moving and only turn the LEDs on in the front or in the rear of the bike while moving. Picture shows the wheels spinning, and the lighting effect. Stay tuned for more info! (patent pending)

5 comments to Bike Headlight Project – revolights

  • Kent Frankovich, you’re amazing at what you do and i specifically love the Revolights you’ve created. Once it’s out for sale, do contact me. I would like to be one of the agents to supply it to Malaysia and other parts of the world.

  • Thomas

    Hi Kent i am interested to Know how that stuff will Look like because i am allways Looking for something that will help to have good light but Not that awfull Looking light systems on my Road Bike Looking forward to your developments!

    Thomas from germany

  • Tim

    Great idea – Can’t wait to see them for sale.

    Given the focus on improving safety, it would have been great to see the cyclist in your promo video wearing a helmet!

  • john

    This is a project that has the potential to save a lot of lives…it has to feel good knowing that you can do that…
    I think a few LED’s angled to the side may illuminate the intended direction of travel as well as expanding the light field forward.

  • marcelo

    Hello I am interested in your projescto and I would like to know how I can have it because I’m from argentina greetings

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